Elastic's mission is to enable organizations to put their data to work using the power of search.

Why the U.S. Government is scaling their cyber visibility practices with Elastic

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program has evolved from a cyber-hygiene initiative to a proactive response toolkit powered by the CDM Dashboard. Learn how it enables civilian agencies to analyze cyber risk at speed & scale.

Elastic introduces the new Customer Success website to accelerate user success

Customer success is at the foundation of the Elastic journey. Our new Customer Success website brings together technical resources, best practices, expert knowledge, and a predefined Customer Success approach to guide users on their journey.

How analytics better enables online learning, cost management, and cybersecurity in higher education

Whether higher education IT leaders are looking to restore, evolve, or transform IT ecosystems as pandemic recovery continues, they can make strides in the areas of online learning, cost management and cybersecurity with deeper analytical insight.


Powering real-time insights for telcos and media services like T-Mobile and Netflix

At this year’s ElasticON Global, we held several sessions showcasing how the Elastic Search Platform is solving top challenges across the telecommunications industry, as well as the benefits that organizations are realizing with Elastic.


eGlobal banks on Elastic to excel as a leader in the credit card transactions sector

Learn how eGlobal — which processes electronic credit card transactions from more than 70 million national and international cardholders — leveraged Elastic to reduce costs, add customers, and enhance the customer experience.


Elastic announces 2021 Elastic Excellence Awards winners

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Elastic Excellence Awards, which recognize the Elastic Certified Professional of the Year and organizations whose Elastic use cases help improve the world, transform business, and solve data problems


ElasticON Global: From exascale computing to probabilistically calibrated predictions

Learn how to secure Microsoft 365, how IBM built a phenomenal search experience, and how SAP created a “single pane of glass” with Elastic. And catch more on-demand videos of top engineers from security firms and big brand companies.


How Orange Business Services is building a better SIEM with Elastic

A security analyst at Orange Business Services shares how they integrated Elastic into their existing SIEM, resulting in faster investigations and saving their engineers’ time


How versatile is the Elastic Stack? Ask Walmart, NASA, or Airbus.

Learn how the Elastic Stack is used across diverse industries to empower customers, communities, and, even, interplanetary exploration.


How the Elastic InfoSec team uses Elastic Security

Elastic uses and tests our own products. That’s how our InfoSec team’s enterprise security data is helping our product team build and deliver quality, real-world detections.


Why UC Davis chose Elastic to enhance its Security Operations Center

When UC Davis needed to enhance its SOC, they turned to Elastic to replace their legacy SIEM tool. Now, the SOC is able to address the visibility problems they experienced with their legacy tool while maximizing cost benefits.


How South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications deploys Elastic to secure endpoints

The South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications needed to monitor and alert on all of the endpoints associated with more than 9,000 systems, so they turned to Elastic Security for both endpoint logging and SIEM.