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Easily implement powerful, modern search experiences for your busy team. Quickly add pretuned search to your website, app, or workplace. Search it all, simply.

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Add rich, relevant search to your apps and websites with App Search.

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Unify all your team's content into a personalized search experience with Elastic Workplace Search.

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Use the free and open source Search UI to build premium search experiences.

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In 7.16, Workplace Search administration is now in Kibana — one unified UI to manage all your Enterprise Search deployments.

A suite of products for any search application

Get your users the answers they need. Elastic Enterprise Search gives you the tools to get started for free, bring search experiences to market quickly, and scale them seamlessly.

  • Workplace Search

    Make all your teams' content findable, fast. Unify your content platforms (Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, and many more) into a personalized, natural search experience.

  • App Search

    Leverage the focused power of Elasticsearch to add search to your mobile and SaaS apps, complete with a web crawler, refined set of APIs, intuitive dashboards, and tunable relevance controls.

  • Site Search

    Everything you need to add powerful search to your website — with no experience necessary. Even better, we'll bring our own search box if you don’t have one.


Speed, Scale, Relevance

Elasticsearch muscle, without any heavy lifting

Powered by Elasticsearch, Elastic Enterprise Search is incredibly fast, with proven, optimized relevance models designed for real-life, natural search. All of this is ready to go from the start, easy to tune and monitor as you go, and engineered to effortlessly scale.

Simple Setup

From zero to search in no time

Get started quickly and index easily with the web crawler, flexible APIs, dynamic schemas, and cloud source connectors. Customization options, such as Search UI, are plentiful and intuitive, so you can tailor elegant, natural search experiences that custom fit your users’ needs.

Independent Research

How Elastic Enterprise Search stacks up

See what the leading independent industry research analysts have to say. Download the complimentary reports for a full overview of the search space and how Elastic ranks.

Elastic named a Challenger in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines

As a new entrant to the report, we're excited to be recognized as a Challenger. Find out more about our placement and our unique approach to powerful, modern search for your workplace, websites, and apps.

Elastic named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search, Q3, 2021

See why Forrester said, "Its sweet spot is for enterprises that want fast, friendly, and affordable cognitive search based on the software phenom Elasticsearch." Find out more by downloading the complimentary report today.

Value at Scale

Horizontal scaling without the soaring costs

Elastic Enterprise Search is built for relevance at scale, easily able to support small businesses, the largest multinationals, and everything in between. And with our resource-based pricing, your costs are always straightforward, manageable, and predictable — no matter how much your implementation grows.


Pay only for the resources you use

With Elastic resource-based pricing what you pay is determined only by the amount of underlying server resources you use. Say goodbye to industry-standard, confusing pricing combos based on number of documents, queries, engines, users, or other search-specific criteria. Get started for free today!


Deploy your way

Google Cloud, Azure, AWS — you can use Elastic Enterprise Search on whichever cloud platform you’d like. And with 40+ regions (and counting) around the globe, your data stays close by, with performance to match. Or, if you’d prefer, you can download and run it on-prem. Flexible deployment options, same great search experiences.

Customer service at scale: Get the right answer every time

Customer service at scale: Get the right answer every time

Better search across data silos can dramatically increase the efficiency of customer service and support operations, leading to faster resolution times, lower costs, and — most importantly — happier customers.

A new state of find: Content findability in the workplace

A new state of find: Content findability in the workplace

Internal site search helps teams easily find content scattered across productivity and collaboration tools so they can maximize productivity and boost ROI.

Do more with Elastic

Bring the speed, scale, and relevance of Elastic to other areas of your business.



Unify your logs, metrics, and APM traces at scale in a single stack.



Prevent, detect, and respond to threats — quickly and at scale.