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The Metalworking Index is downloadable in both Word and ASCII formats. Both are contained in a single .ZIP file (170K). An uncompressed text file is available here. The index covers:

The index entries for the magazine articles are the article titles; the  text of the articles was not indexed. Index entries for HTIM and TMBR are derived from Guy Lautard's Comprehensive Index, with permission.

I have also included Peter Brooks' index of the Village Press books, which covers

  • Projects 1-6,
  • Metalworking 1 & 2, and the
  • Shop Wisdom of: Rudy Kouhoupt, Frank McLean, and Philip Duclos

This is an index only, and does not contain the articles themselves. Please contact the publishers for copies of the actual magazines and books: I cannot supply copies of the articles indexed.

For HSM and PiM:, and the Village Press books
     Village Press, 2779 Aero Park Drive, Traverse City, MI 49686 USA

For HTIM and TMBR:
   Guy Lautard, 2570 Rosebery Avenue, West Vancouver, B,.C. Canada V7V2Z9

     Nexus Special Interests, Nexus House, Azalea Drive,
   Swanley, Kent BR8 8HY, England

Many of the articles from HSM and PiM have been reprinted by Village Press in book form. An index to these volumes has been compiled by Peter Brooks. This and much other valuable information is available at the Metalworking FAQ.


by Joe Landau