Collect and connect with integrations

Go from data to insights when you bring all your data together. Elastic makes data ingestion flexible and scalable across your applications, infrastructure, public content sources, and more. Whether your data is on premises or in the cloud, connect and explore data from an intuitive UI to get started easily, unify visibility, and solve problems now — all on one stack, the Elastic Stack.


Learn the foundational concepts of Elastic Agent and Fleet.

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Learn how to get started ingesting data with the Elastic Agent.

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Elastic Agent and Fleet make it easier to integrate your systems with Elastic.

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Easily ingest data using more Elastic Agent integrations for observability and security in 7.16, and explore Kibana’s UI for Elastic ingest methods.

Seamless Ingestion

Data ingestion made easy

Overcome the challenge of collecting and normalizing data in different formats from various sources with integrations. No matter the data, Elastic has you covered — install one agent for common data sources and benefit from additional Elastic integrations to solve your unique use cases. Easily collect logs, metrics, traces, documents, security events, and more — from any source.

Central Management

All of your hosts at your fingertips


Central Management

All of your hosts at your fingertips

Whether you’re deploying Elastic Agent to collect, monitor, and protect your environment, or launching a web crawler to ingest public content, you can easily scale by deploying, upgrading, and managing thousands of agents to save time and ensure consistency — all from one UI.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Get insights within seconds

Integrations ship with out-of-the-box components like ingest pipelines, dashboards and visualizations. Save time and effort by utilizing prebuilt dashboards to get insights quickly.

One Agent, Many Use Cases

While you collect, why not protect?

Analyze security and observability data in a unified manner, rather than siloing in separate systems. Protect endpoints from ransomware, malware, and advanced threats, and enable practitioners to inspect and respond across your distributed environment — all with Elastic Agent.


Ship data from all your sources

Drive valuable insights by getting data into the Elastic Stack. You can ship metrics, logs, traces, content, and events from your apps and infrastructure with Elastic Agent, Beats, and more. There are many convenient ways to get all of your data in one place. Parse, enrich, anonymize, and protect your data, and more.

  • Elastic Agent

    Elastic Agent collects from numerous data sources and protects hosts.

  • Beats

    Beats is a platform for lightweight shippers that send data from edge machines.

  • Logstash

    Logstash is a dynamic data collection and transformation pipeline with an extensible plugin ecosystem.

  • Web crawler

    The web crawler is an easy way to ingest and sync publicly available web content in Enterprise Search so it's instantly searchable.
  • Content connectors

    With Elastic Workplace Search, connect to all your favorite productivity and collaboration tools and search across them in a unified experience.

  • Elastic language client

    If you prefer to integrate directly into your project or application, language clients can be used to send data directly into Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack.

Cloud-native integrations

Send data to Elastic Cloud with simplified, native integrations on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

  • Natively ingest logs from Amazon ECS with the native integrations of AWS FireLens to further improve the observability and security of your AWS workloads.

  • Automate the ingestion of logs within the Microsoft Azure portal with the native integration. Experience the value of Elastic across your search, observability, and security use cases.

  • Leverage native integrations to ship data to Elastic from BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage and Pub/Sub, as well as add search capabilities with the Google Cloud Firestore extension.

See it in action

Hear from organizations who are using Elastic to power business-critical use cases.

  • Customer Spotlight

    Building a defensive security program to monitor malicious activity

  • Customer Spotlight

    Wrangling search to better understand users and improve KPIs

  • Customer Spotlight

    Monitoring application infrastructure across a major financial institution