Elastic Stack + Cloud

Learn more about the Elastic Search Platform, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Cloud.

How search enables role-based data classification and sharing across the government

Government departments see great value in data sharing but face hurdles in implementation due to silos and compliance requirements. Learn how Elastic helps overcome these hurdles and keeps department, IT, and data science stakeholders in sync.

Use Cross Cluster Search with Elastic Cloud to improve observability

Elastic’s SRE team has used features and functionality from Elastic Cloud to build and deploy a global observability solution that allows vital visibility into the logs, metrics and traces that are collected across our globally distributed platform.

New Elastic and Amazon S3 Storage Lens Integration: Simplify management, control costs, and reduce risk

Elastic Cloud enables organizations to get a holistic view of operations across Amazon S3 Storage Lens metrics and AWS and on-premises data sets to simplify management, contain costs, and reduce security risks.


How to invite teammates to access and manage Elastic Cloud deployments

Learn how to invite other members of your organization to collaborate with you and manage your Elastic Cloud deployments.


Elastic deepens workflow integrations with ServiceNow to improve team productivity

Elastic deepens integrations with ServiceNow ITSM, SIR, and ITOM streamlining observability and security workflows and enhancing practitioner productivity.


Optimizing sort queries in Elasticsearch for faster results

Learn about recent optimizations that speed up sorted queries in Elasticsearch for numeric and date fields, making sorted queries up to an order of magnitude faster. Sorted queries are very common regardless of a search domain (e-commerce, security,


Elastic Cloud with AWS FireLens: Accelerate time to insight with agentless data ingestion

Ship logs directly to Elastic Cloud with AWS FireLens, a container log router for Amazon ECS launch types: Amazon EC2 and AWS Fargate. Monitor, manage, and secure your logs and events from FireLens with Elastic Observability and Elastic Security.


Elastic and AWS: Accelerating the cloud migration journey

Learn how Elastic enables organizations to monitor, analyze, and protect AWS and on-premise workloads within a single pane of glass — at every stage of a cloud adoption journey. This can help teams stay on budget and on time.


Elastic on Microsoft Azure adds the power of search for accelerated data insights

Learn more about deploying Elastic on Microsoft Azure to quickly turn data into valuable insights with end-to-end visibility to monitor and secure your environment.


Easily share Kibana assets with elastic-package

Elastic-package is the official developer tool, used to create your own integrations that will be run by Elastic Agent.


Elastic Stack 7.15.2 released

Elastic Stack 7.15.2 has been released. Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included in Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats, APM, Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Security, and ECK.


Preview Elastic 8.0 with the beta release: Stack security by default, natural language processing, and more

We are pleased to announce the release of Elastic 8.0.0-beta 1. This is part of a series of pre-8.0.0 releases designed to let you test the features and changes coming in 8.0.0 with your application.